• Côr Meibion - Llanelli Male Choir
    Côr Meibion - Llanelli Male Choir

    We are a charity choir based in Llanelli and are available to perform at weddings and other events. How to book...

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    Join Côr Meibion Llanelli

    We are always looking for new choristers so contact us today. How to join...

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    Enjoy Côr Meibion Llanelli on CD

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Choir members

Our choir members January 2017 are:


T1 Choir Members 

Clive Edmunds

Glan Emanuel

Barrie Evans

Gwyn Hopkins

Michael Hughes

John Jones

Tony Landon

Jeffrey Lewis

Terry Lewis

Terry Morgan

Alan Owen

Dennis Lemon

Terence Richards

T2 Choir Members 

Anthony Bowen

John Bowen

Ken Collins

Russel Davies

Guy Evans

John Ephgrave

John Gravell

Anthony Hancock

Anthony James

Denzil James

Trevor Lewis

Dylan Morris

Martin Phillips

David Purvis

David Rosser

Byron Wilkins

Martin Jones

George Heighton

Martin Jones

Roy Wheat


1B Choir Members

Guto Carod

Phil Connel

John Davies

Michael Davies

David Dwyer

Noel Evans

Graham Freeman

Neville George

Jeffrey Hancock

Lee Harries

Mel Harries

Geraint Hughs

Selwyn Humphries

Gareth John

Ingram Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Morgan

John Morris

Viv Roberts

Dennis Sullivan

Byron Thomas

Peter Thomas

David Prederville

2B Choir Members

Richard Christopher

Tony Crossman

Frederick Elias

Christopher Evans

Peter Griffiths

Wynford Harries

David Williams

Graham Williams













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