• Côr Meibion - Llanelli Male Choir
    Côr Meibion - Llanelli Male Choir

    We are a charity choir based in Llanelli and are available to perform at weddings and other events. How to book...

  • Join Côr Meibion Llanelli
    Join Côr Meibion Llanelli

    We are always looking for new choristers so contact us today. How to join...

  • Enjoy Côr Meibion Llanelli on CD
    Enjoy Côr Meibion Llanelli on CD

    Cor Meibion Llanelli have a number of music CDs available for sale. Find out more...


Vice presidents

Our vice presidents for 2017 are:

  • Lt Col Frank Batten M.B.E D.L and Mrs Batten
  • Mr S Bennett
  • Mrs Pamela Deane Bevan
  • Mr and Mrs John Eyles
  • Rt Hon Nia Griffith M.P
  • Mrs Eiry Halpin
  • Mrs Margaret Howells
  • Rev J Ivinson and Dr S Ivinson
  • Mr and Mrs Stephen Jacob
  • Brigadier R E L Jenkins C.B.E  D.L
  • Mr Ieuan Lewis
  • Mr Mrs Robert Lloyd
  • Mrs Jean Phillips
  • Mrs Marianna Schmidt
  • Mrs P Wilkins
  • Mrs Betty Williams    
  • Mr G B Williams
  • Lee Waters A.M



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